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17 Jun 20: Grassington Men’s Shed activities have been suspended to be compliant with Social Distancing. An email has been sent to members detailing our next steps.

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Grassington Men’s Shed

A Men’s Shed is a bit like a shed at the end of a garden. It’s where men and women come together for activities involving making, mending or repairing things e.g. bikes, cars, woodworking, engineering, boat renovation etc or just a good old chat. Reclamation, reuse and restoration all feature strongly and some say this is true for the minds of the members too as well as the objects. Research shows that when Men come together to connect, converse and create, they stay healthier for longer, both mentally and physically.

Grassington Men’s Shed is a project run and managed by Grassington Hub. We currently meet weekly at the Congregational Church in Grassington before going off to our shed. Membership is open to anyone in Upper Wharfedale and we’re a friendly easy going crowd, with all sorts of skills between us and a will to share them.

We are always on the lookout for any tools or equipment we can lay our hands on, so if you have any serviceable ones you wish to get rid of, please let the Hub know and we can collect them.

The Men’s shed movement is a national movement and has taken off massively in recent times. The thinking behind setting up these “sheds’ is that men find it far more difficult to talk about their emotions than women, but by engaging in mutual practical tasks, they find it easier to form friendships and talk frankly. The slogan “Women talk face to face, men talk shoulder to shoulder” is often quoted.

There are many men in Grassington, who having worked away, find themselves socially isolated and not knowing many local people. Others wish to learn some new practical skills to take up. Whatever the reason, Men’s sheds are open to all men who want to join, whether you wish to pursue your own projects, share in community projects, or prefer to just “chew the cud” over coffee and cake.



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